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We are an experienced B2B consulting and sales representative company, who has worked with TV, Radio stations, Corporations and Nonprofit organizations (501c3) promoting authors, speakers, and creating white label and custom products.

Dorlon Rep has experience in multiple facets of content creation marketing, providing us a unique perspective on what is needed to help creators reach their audiences, providing their viewers and supporters with the best experience possible.

Our Purpose / Our Mission / Our Values

Dorlon Rep Purpose - Old compass on a vintage world map pointing to the goal

Our Purpose

To advocate for our business partners, championing their product or service helping them exceed their market expectations through setting and maintaining sustainable growth goals.

Dorlon Rep Mission - Business person on mountain top achieving business mission success

Our Mission

To seek out and promote business partners who offer quality, purpose driven creations. We strive to represent our clients’ brands with integrity, we are committed to energizing their business by presenting their product or service with excellence and with the utmost professionalism.

Dorlon Rep Values - Close up of people holding hands and praying with Bible on table.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity, excellence in service with the utmost professionalism.